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Stock Tourney 2015 - 2 Prelims Complete
Topic Started: Nov 23 2015, 12:05 AM (7,100 Views)
Xue Jian
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Super Sword Saint
11/22: Status Update - I've completed judging the fights. Here are the results.

Group 1 Winner: Hopea
Prelim 1-1: Jasse v Cobalt - Ash v Hopea - Ash only replied once, while Hopea replied twice. Hopea wins.
Prelim 1-2: Cobalt v Zai'an - Hopea v Myran - Myran dropped out so this fight is moot.
Prelim 1-3: Zai'an v Jasse - Myran v Ash - Myran dropped out so this fight is moot.

Group 2 Winner: Aedaen
Prelim 2-1: Jaxton v Nanouk - Aed v Ivar - Ivar only replied once. Aed replied twice. Aed wins.
Prelim 2-2: Nanouk v Wocdona - Ivar v Ligeia - Ligeia dropped out so this fight is moot.
Prelim 2-3: Wocdona v Jaxton - Ligeia v Aed - Ligeia dropped out so this fight is moot.

Group 3 Winner: Glenn
Prelim 3-1: Zeke v Knox - Glenn v Vera - Glenn won by a landslide. Vera, you made some mistakes in this fight that hurt your performance, particularly in your last post, where it appears that you forgot about the impenetrable dome covering the arena.
Prelim 3-2: Knox v Atsuko - Vera v Carter - Vera won though it was very close. It could have gone either way. I really liked how Vera's Knox was losing IC because of his ego and yet he couldn't admit it the whole time even at the end. I loved his "famous last words".
Prelim 3-3: Atsuko v Zeke - Carter v Glenn - Glenn won though it was again very close. Such a polite and formal fight! The kicker, Carter, was your last post. I found it difficult to understand your exact intentions, so you lost points for clarity.

Group 4 Winner: Leopold
Prelim 4-1: Barcas v Aquilenne - Andrew v Eiren - Andrew won this one. Eiren, you overused the magnetize card a bit, and I found some of your posts difficult to follow so you lost points for clarity. Andrew played a solid game. Good job.
Prelim 4-2: Aquilenne v Oranos - Eiren v Leopold - Leopold won though it was very close. Both players made some good moves and overall did well.
Prelim 4-3: Oranos v Barcas - Leopold v Andrew - Only two rounds in this fight so I didn't have much to judge. Leopold came out on top in the end. This was partly because Barcas should have taken more damage from Oranos opening Vocalize attack. Barcas was using Perception at the time, so the impact of a sound-based attack should have earned more than a flinch and a stumble. Again with only two rounds to judge this made a big difference.

General advice for next time. While judging, I tended to favor posts showing characters taking initiative. Many of you chose to have your characters not make a move in the early rounds, and this ended up hurting you. There are only 5 rounds total per fight. Not taking an action is wasting 20% of your fight time.

Moving on, here are the fight cards for the Semi-finals!

Semi-final 1: Hopea v Aed
Semi-final 2: Glenn v Leopold

You all have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 to complete your fights.
Edited by Xue Jian, Nov 23 2015, 01:00 AM.
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