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Topic Started: May 19 2017, 01:38 PM (17 Views)
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Full Name: Yurei
Moniker/Nickname(s): Yu
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race/Species: Demon
Age: 123
Combat Class: Close combat?
Social Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Religious Beliefs: none
Occupation: Wanderer
Place of Residency: No permanent residence
Birthday: 04/07/????
Voice: ???? Deep feminine voice?

Build: Short and lean
Complexion: White pasty skin
Eyes: Blood Red eyes
Hair: Short black hair with messy bangs
Birthmarks/Scars: none
Other Special Features: Retractable claws
Clothes/Attire: Sleeveless black dress that ends at her knees that flares out at the hips with white and red accent's, black form fitting boots with red accents

Likes: Discovering new things, rice
Dislikes: showers
Personal Goals: none as of yet
Fears/Phobias: heights
Strengths: is very fast
Weaknesses: not very strong
Habits/Quirks: says 'tch' alot, tends to disregard manners even though she knows how to be polite, stubborn
Talents/Skills: very flexible

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Other Family: unknown
Significant Other(s): none at the moment
Children: none at the moment
Friends/Companions: none at the moment
Pets: none at the moment

Family History: unknown
Personal History: Yurei has long term memory loss and forgets things quickly. She remembers none of her past, and continues to wonder from place to place with no goal in mind.
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