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Gogmar (Work In Progress).; Gogmar Grat.
Topic Started: May 16 2017, 07:02 AM (25 Views)
Gogmar Grat
Full Name: Gogmar Grat
Nicknames: Gog
Class: Barbarian
Profession: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Race: Orc
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Demeanour: Mean, abrupt, rude.
Weapon/Magic of Choice: Preferbly a large two handed axe.

Eye Colour: Greyish blue.
Hair Colour: Black.
Age: 36
Birthmarks or Scars: Various scars and wounds litter his body.
Predominant Feature: Missing one of his tusks.
Build: Bulky, muscular.
Skin Quality: A weathered green skin.
General Appearance: Gogmar stands at rought 7ft, and weights close to 260lbs. He his a hulking mass of muscle and his green skin is weathered and scarred. He keeps his hair raggedly tied back and lets his factial hair grow out around his face. The Orc is missing a tusk form his mouth, but his other tusk seems to have been filed and sharpened. Gog's body is loosly covered with tattered clothes and armour that should have been thrown out ten fights ago.

Influences: Gogmar is tough, stubborn and grew up in a tribe where if you weren't the strongest you were killed. He thinks that to survive one must be able to hold their own and looks down on those who are weak.
Likes: Fights, meat and sitting and staring into the fire.
Dislikes: Weaker lifeforms, farmers, flys.
Goals: Become the strongest in the land, conquer his own tribe of orcs.
Strengths: Brute force and barbaric attacks. Harder to kill. Farming.
Weaknesses or Flaws: His large size leaves makes him an easy target. Hard to make 'friends' due to his personality. Deathly afraid of chains (enters a violent fit if near or put in chains).
General Personality:

Other Family:
Companions or Pets:

General History:
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