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Border Patrol; Bandits and Wannabe Goody Two Shoes
Topic Started: Apr 14 2017, 04:33 AM (17 Views)
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'Cut throat.'
Sometimes, you just had to take matters into your own hands. Day after day some goodie two shoes was killing off HER minions allies hmph, guys. Why? Just because they were a bunch of no good bandits? Not everyone was cut out to be a super powerful mercenary wandering the lands or getting rich finding treasure. And some people needed to be out there culling the herd a little, so to speak. So what if she took their stuff after? It was perfectly reasonable and thus, she was out for revenge. Not that she had any real fondness for her fellows, but no one killed members of her camp, not without her permission.

Indeed the lowly bandit had gotten an ego since she'd virtually taken over the crossing. Blaise had done good not giving herself away as the leader of the largest (and ever growing) group within the Smuggler's Cross. Well, she'd just have to make sure to absolutely destroy the nuisance and anyone (or thing) they brought with them. No witnesses. Ever.

""Where are you you mangy sunovabitch."" She grumbled, spinning a knife in hand from her perch within the trees. Of course she wasn't alone, she had sent forth a good sized group of her camp to flush out any spectators and lure her target to the path.

Maybe the hunt was getting to her. Not that she'd admit it, but she was getting older now (or maybe just her blood was so mixed, she wasn't meant to live very long. There was no way she would show weakness in front of her men. But all that magic nonsense, and that crazy fella cutting out her eye and sticking a mage's in there instead, and her then cutting it out herself. Well, it was enough to take a toll. For some ... ANYWAY. But she was getting tired already.

No less pissed off ... but tired. Mostly annoyed. Woe be to whoever next crossed her path. They'd get a knife in the throat for their trouble.
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