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The Land of Avalon is a freeform medieval/fantasy roleplaying site loosely based on Arthurian lore. Avalon is home to many friendly members, administrators, and position holders, most of whom are always willing to RP, no matter how new a person might be to the site. With a large shop system full of various spells, items, and equipment no two characters are the same. With character races ranging from elves and humans to dragons, chimeras, and demons Avalon welcomes a wide range of races and RP skill levels. No one is too inexperienced to join in on the fun. With a variety of deities and elemental guardians, kings and nobility to pledge to (or oppose) there is no shortage of roleplaying opportunities. Avalon is full of great members and staff with a great sense of humor, friendly welcomes, and a love for roleplaying. Avalon invites you to experience the magic, today!

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Important Information

Redirect Forum Rules

Written here are all the rules and regulations set to keep Avalon a safe and enjoyable role-playing place. If there are any queries, questions or comments concerning the rules, please feel free to contact one of the Administrative Staff.
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Regular Forum Announcements and Assistance
Here all official announcements regarding the site and all news or changes to be made. Please ensure that as a member you regularly check back weekly for updates. This is an easy way to make sure you don't miss out on what is happening!
You will also find all FAQs and assistance in here.
[Complete] Birthday Claim Today, 4:26 AM, By Renegade
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Subforums: Administrator Assistance, FAQ
Regular Forum Welcome & Absence Board
This is where new members can introduce themselves and their characters to the rest of Avalon and be greeted by fellow role-players. Or alternatively this is where you can post to let others know of you movements if you are going to be away for some time, leaving the site or anything of that persuasion.
Warning: There are some nutters on this forum! ^^
Hello Today, 2:57 AM, By Gin
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Character Related

Regular Forum Character Information
In this section is where you post your character's biography. This is basically a summary of your character. Guides and basic layouts for what to include in your description page are located inside. Also provided are areas for character journals, inventory lists, and so on.
Note that posting a description thread allows you to access the rest of the boards.
Gifts from the Spirits Today, 1:48 AM, By Shaman
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Subforums: Character Inventories, Character Journals, Character Lists
Regular Forum Plotting Board
Here is where you can find all information regarding plots and quests. This includes special staff events (DM/Paid Quests) and member sanctioned plots. The Open Topics List can be found here as well.
Payment Thread Today, 10:21 AM, By Lenda Frostcrush
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Subforums: Paid Quests, Character Jobs
Regular Forum Character Alliances
The main forum is where you can post if you require a lover, friend, family member, or even an enemy for your character. Remember you must clearly state what it is you require and the role-playing regulations that are applicable. The subforums within each have their own use, as described within their individual sections.
Yoooo viking peeps. Today, 2:41 AM, By Braedan Adelard
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Subforums: Character Assistance, Guild Recruiting, Celestial Alliances

Politics and Guilds

Regular Forum Political Profiles
Descriptions of player controlled Kingdoms.
Kingdom of the Sands Treasure Vault Jul 1 2014, 11:37 AM, By Kingdom of the Sands
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Subforums: Political Inventories
Regular Forum Political OOC
Applications for Political Positions, activity checks, and other Kingdom related OOC topics.
Unlanded Political Feb 6 2015, 02:33 PM, By Xue Jian
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Subforums: Player Contracts, Pathucian Dominion, The Realm of North and South
Regular Forum Guild OOC No More Dead Lambs! 3 minutes ago, By Tactical Logistics
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Subforums: Guild Alliances, Active Guilds

Lands of Avalon

Regular Forum Northern Lands
These are the Northern Lands, bordered in the south by the Western Lands. Here you will find the capital city of Avalon, called Trevena City. Also the Castle of Avalon’s royalty can be found in the Northern Lands.
Moderated By: Eirikar I of Marcaster
Willow 29 minutes ago, By Tabitha Stern
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Subforums: Tintagel, Enchanted Forest, Aondir, Cloudsweep Peaks, Drakenfeld, Preah, Lund, Outlands (North)
Regular Forum Southern Lands
Here lie the lands to the south of Avalon, they are the roughest areas of Avalon. The wilderness is vast, and the inhabitants are not of the most reputable caliber. They stretch also to encompass the border of the Western Lands.
Moderated By: Eirikar I of Marcaster
The Freedom to Die as You Please Today, 12:51 PM, By The Legions of Tenebris
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Subforums: Roðiran, Rodina, Dahngard, Orodae, Outlands (South)
Regular Forum Isle of Fincayra
A sprawling metropolis built up around a cluster of academic facilities, the capital of Fincayra, home to mostly elves, is known across the continent as a respected centre for magical study and research. The library in the castle of the Elven King and the prestigious university in the heart of the city draw many of those seeking knowledge to this place. Almost everyone that lives here practices some kind of magic, and those that protect the city from harm are equipped with an array of powerful spells and wards. Smooth white stone can be seen all around, laced with green creepers and adorned in places with multicoloured gardens. The air is filled with the sounds of running water, as the city is home to a great number of streams, pools, fountains, canals and other such features. This great network of waterways, often traveled by the residents, connects most of the city's main areas.
In need of a book? Today, 5:39 AM, By Quintessa
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Subforums: Fincayra, Varigal, The Lost Lands, Outlands (Fincayra)
Regular Forum Isle of Gramarye
These are the wildest parts in all of Avalon - the Grey Island of Gramarye, laying beyond Fincayra, is home to many strong creatures and characters that make it dangerous to travel unprepared. There are many mysteries here that have puzzled the greatest of minds for centuries. All of Gramarye's borders are currently heavily guarded. Any character showing symptoms of the Red Fever will be terminated on sight. Checks are performed all characters passing through ports and Dunil Orith.
It Was Raining Cats and Erm......Cats? Yesterday, 4:34 AM, By Catherine
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Subforums: Gramarye, Blackmoor, The Yseulte, Three Isles, Outlands (Gramarye)
Regular Forum The Dwarven Kingdom of Dalruan
Within these lands, nestled into the core of the Gramaryan Continent, lies the single remaining Dwarven Kingdom of all Avalon. The Terrain, stretching from the edges of the bogs of Blackmoor, to the eastern slopes of the Yseulte mountains, across to the border of Morngram, is held by the Dwarves. Their reach is composed of four distinct territories, though the Fourth is far below the sight of any Man or Elf. The Dwarves who live across the region owe their allegiance to a single place, The Great Mountain Dalruan. The seat of the only mountain city of the Dwarves in this realm.
Moderated By: The Dwarven Hold of Dalruan
Out of their Element Today, 2:05 AM, By Eon
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Subforums: The Hearthlands, The Desolate Lands, Greyreach, The Deep
Regular Forum Siaraia
Moderated By: The Iron Crown
.:.Soul food. :. Today, 3:54 AM, By Kaliyah
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Subforums: Luxuria, Gula, Ira, Invidia, Superbia
Regular Forum The Pathucian Dominion
An Oligarchy, ruled by the most learned mages in the land, who have undergone a number of mental tests to prove their capability to lead. Nobility are under the mage councils and only those willing to ‘remove all self’ from their personality are allowed to serve in this capacity. A socialistic, on the edge of communist economy, where the people are free to do what they wish after intensive ‘education’ on what is acceptable and what is not. Magi and extensive enchantments provide sustenance and shelter. Currently four slightly segregated states. Foreigners are NOT allowed into the dominion without proper papers signed by The Council of Mages and at least one Elder. Emigration is not even thought, let alone discussed. Though on rare occasion it is 'necessary' and granted.
Moderated By: Elders of Pathucia
Hallowed Body, Darkened Mind Feb 14 2015, 12:27 PM, By Astylla
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Subforums: Bilzzard's Hold, Autumn Forest, The Ancient City, Lus Luminous
Regular Forum The Seas
The seas and ocean front properties of Avalon, including its various islands and port towns.
Am I Really this much of a Nerd? Today, 5:32 AM, By Gin
2 viewers Topics: 509 Replies: 5,958
Subforums: Open-Air Market, Coral Cove, The Glass Cliffs of the Phoenix, Deep Ocean, The Sea Dragon's Nest, Tor, Isle of Mist, Other Places (The Sea)
Regular Forum Distant Lands
Avalon is but one land in a vast world. There are many strange and as yet undiscovered countries across the seas, where the intrepid adventurer may find fame and fortune. All threads which are set outside Avalon's borders can be posted here.
In distant lands Today, 6:10 AM, By House Dracul Di Valarius
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Extended Role-Play

Regular Forum God/dess Temples
This is where you will find the temples of the most powerful and fearsome creatures in the entire of Avalon. They are almost a law unto themselves and many of the happenings of the lands are due to their interference and meddling. Though they are of an array of alignments incur their wrath at your own risk.
Kith and Kin Today, 3:14 AM, By Braedan Adelard
1 viewer Topics: 115 Replies: 1,092
Subforums: Temple Of Death, Temple of Nature, Temple of Combat
Regular Forum Guardian Shrines
Here lay the shrines of the Guardians of Avalon. They are powerful creatures whom each guard and possess the elements of the Lands of Avalon. Within are the abodes of the Guardians of: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness.
A turn of events Feb 23 2015, 06:12 AM, By Runt
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Subforums: Shrine of Water, Shrine of Light, Shrine of Darkness, Shrine of Earth
Regular Forum Homes and Guildhalls
Here you will find the houses/homes of those people that own a house/home. Most are available for roleplaying, but it is courteous to ask the home owner ooc first.
No Dress Rehearsals; This Is Our Life Yesterday, 10:54 PM, By Kaikoura Akili
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Subforums: The League of Light, Sanctuary, The Mysterium, The Mercenary's Guild, Black Moon Camp, Heart of the Dragonkin, The Arcane Glade, Alemoor Home, Salem's House, Autumnvale, Castle Kianthran, Soria's Apothecary, Sleepy Hollow Tavern and Inn, Traveler's Wares, Apothecarium Soillse


Regular Forum Character Item Shops
Here are the shops where you can buy items for your character. The items are listed with a brief description and price. To buy something post in the topic where the item is, stating what you want. Please wait patiently for the Mods to put the item in your signature and for the Admins to remove the posts. Do not place an item that you have not bought, in your signature/inventory or you will get a warning. If you want something that is not there, you can buy an item that is similar and change the name or go to the Custom Requests forum in the Help section. Have fun shopping! More instructions can be found inside.
Moderated By: Moderator
How To Use The Shops Nov 26 2012, 03:37 AM, By Sir
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Character Item Services
Here you may auction your items to other members, or sell your items back to the shops for half the purchase price. You may also requests custom items that are not currently in the shops here.
Moderated By: Moderator
No Posts in Forum
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Regular Forum Member Services
This is where you may request services from the shops run by members. Services include banner making, avatar making, animation making, image finding, signature formation, etc.
Requests Thread and Prices Aug 13 2014, 04:06 PM, By Leylen
0 viewers Topics: 6 Replies: 14
Subforums: Nydia's Neat Signatures

Out Of Character Boards

Regular Forum Advertisements
Welcome guests and members, to Avalon's Advertisement Section! This is the ONLY place in which you may post recruitment ads for your RP site, blog, etc. Please read the rules inside, and check out our Affiliations page!

Note: The main forum is for first time advertisers, we also have a Link Backs subforum.
S.H.I.E.L.D Today, 2:23 AM, By Guest
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Subforums: Affiliate Requests, Link Backs

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